Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Heroes Drapes

Overlooked and forgotten and the most common in every single room of your home; your window.  When designing a room it is the one large item that can successfully bring together the design of the room or it can fail horribly.  Brandon, a friend of mine wanted to know how to incorporate his window coverings into his room.  Well since none of you know Brandon, let me give you a little information, he is a manly man and nothing of femininity will fly with him.  So, today is all about "manly" window dressings.  And for that I will refer to one of my all time favorite movies, Hero with Jet Li.

Now how does this movie tie into "manly" window dressings you ask.  Simple, for anyone whose seen the movie it has fabric galore.  Fabric is in every significant part of the movie, draped, flowing in the wind, twisted and turned into something of such simple and understated elegance. Jet Lis character remains a nameless assassin through the entire movie.  His main purpose is to bring down the King of Qin for massacring his own people.  Along the way he meets multiple assassins who protect the King and with each conquest becoming exceedingly difficult it is done so with fabric, artistry and color.

In this scene the nameless assassin fights with Long Sky amidst a backdrop of a town square where black and yellow are the prevalent colors.      
Like the scene above these black and yellow leaf curtains create a wave pattern that eludes the eye.

This serene scene is a sorrow filled one where the death of Broken Sword by Flying Snow is represented with the flowing white fabric.

White sheer curtains are trimmed with black and a matching valence to add finishing touches to this room.

 Here a servant seeks to avenge her masters death on Flying Snow.  The scene is full of the servants anger towards Flying Snow and the calmness that comes with the servants eventual death is displayed through the golden fallen leaves. 

Much like the scene displayed above, this fluffed velvet curtain is a marriage of two warm colors that can add warmth and brightness to any room.

Extra Tip
To keep your home nice and insulated during those extra warm and cold months look into dual pane windows.  If dual pane windows are out of your budget or you live somewhere modifications to the exterior are not allowed then look into cellular shades.

Cellular shades such as these provide your home with extra insulation.  They keep the heat out during the summer months and keep the warmth in during the winter months.  A smart investment for any home. 

Remember when making any window dressing "manly" stay away from plain sheers, heavily brocade patterns and even shiny textiles.  They tend to look feminine and soft in nature.  Instead look into sheers that have a trim, adding depth, look for textiles with a matte finish and finally if you think it's too feminine it usually is.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone and be safe.


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