Friday, September 10, 2010

Budgeting Inspiration

Tight, tough, unforgiving and if I had a magic genie I would ask him to stretch it and make it endless.  Budget, budget, budget.  Excuse me?  Please look at me, take me with you, why am I not?  We've all been there, a room, a car, even a statuesque Adonis, but alas it was not meant to be. 
This Brooklyn home featured in House Beautiful is a budgeted inspiration for one of my faves Brande, a.k.a. B.  An eclectic mix of traditional with a slight modern twist makes this foyer a bold statement.  To a good 99.999999% of people it shouts $$$.  To me it shouts make me for less than $650, do it; you can't do it and to challenge you even more do it with California state tax included.  Well you know what I accept this challenge, but first we're going to need some elbow grease, patience (a whole lot) and love too!
Running Total:  Paint: $32.50
It took me 2 days to find this perfect punch of pink from Pantone, let me repeat myself 2 DAYS.  Only to find out the day of posting this the color on the foyer wall is Razzle Dazzle from Benjamin Moore.  Maybe it's because I worked with paint for seven years or maybe it's just my anal retentiveness but you know what, I DON'T CARE!  Pantone stays and it's perfect!
Spray Paint:$33.78 (Total of all the colors and primer) RT:$66.28
A taggers best friend and mine; spray paint.  Become acquainted indefinitely.  During this project you are inseparable.
Kristaller Chandelier: $39.99 RT:$106.27
Project #1.
Ikea Kristaller Chandelier Prime it and spray paint it gold

Gilded Frame: $49.99 RT: $156.26
Take a break, you deserve it; painting walls getting paint all in your hair, face and fingernails, spraying electrical fixtures, having the patience to let the primer dry, relax and put your favorite piece of artwork in this frame and get to hanging.
Frame that frame on your wall by surrounding it with Projects #2 &#3.  Spray a pair of these corbels with gloss black to give it a nice sheen.  Project #2 done.
Corbels:14.99ea, RT:$186.24

Ceramic Vase:$6.01ea, Transfers:$2.50/pr, RT:$200.76
Project #3.  Something to place on top of the glossy black corbels, add a ceramic rub on transfer to two of these vases and flank them on both sides of your new piece of artwork.

 Ready?  Get out your table saw because we've got ourselves an 18th century German Rococo gilded marble-top hand-carved table to build.  Yes?  No?  Okay fine then, at least we can enjoy this table, too bad it's slightly out of our budget by $41,000, just a little, not much.

 Hand carved table:$149, RT:$349.76
Let's go with this more pocket appreciating table.  Project #4.  Light sand to rough up surface, prime, paint flat black and let cure completely.  Paint a satin cream color and let cure completely.  Once table is completely cured lightly sand the surface to give a worn finish.  Tediously fun, same function as $41,000 table, project done!
Chinese Vase:$9.99, Paper Mache Reindeer:$4.99, RT:$364.74
 Top that table off with this Chinese blue and white vase, throw some fresh flowers in weekly to switch it up and your last and final project; spray this paper mache reindeer gold and let it dry.  Reindeer too lightweight, cut out the bottom, add some marbles from your local crafts store and seal the bottom again.

 Vintage French Round Side Chair:$199, RT:$563.74
Finally sit your bootay down, take your shoes off and relax because your projects done and you still have some money in your pocket on this ultra comfie chair from Restoration Hardware.  It doesn't have a pattern like our inspiration room because that has a vintage hand stitched fabric, but make it your own!
 Add it all up with tax and drum roll please

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