Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Small Space, Big Design

As I am creating my first blog I am thinking what to say, what to say.  The first is always the toughest, but alas I have found it!  My friend Erin posed the question how to maximize space in a small room.  I thought and I thought of what to talk about, what to show and it came to me!

We've all been there before, a small space and no room, a 8x10 room with no potential for beautiful and functional design.  Well it doesn't have to be the case anymore.  I think the Japanese have gotten it down pat.  Take for example this Cell Brick Home built by Japanese Architect Yasuhiro Yamashita.  Mr. Yamashita creates homes that are no larger than the width of a parking space and does so beautifully.
Unconventional and unthinkable, someone thought of it.  This home called Lucky Drops is an example of what can be done with small spaces.  Not building a home?  Have an apartment you're renting and can't tear down walls, no worries.  Apartment living is a little different than home living because you have so much more to cram into a space, let alone a majority of your large items end up in your bedrooms; i.e. your computer desk, your bed, your over-sized dressers and your mounds and mounds of clothing.

I say no more having to bend and contort your body certain ways to get to your place of solace.  No more having to hit your foot on the bottom of the computer desk as you're trying to reach for your remote. My solution, lets take to the WALLS!  Lets take to the CLOSET!  Lets take to the FLOOR!
First things first, no more putting things on the floor in a small space.  The fewer things on the floor the more space you'll have AND the less likely you are to stub your toe.  This shelving system looks expensive right?  No, these shelves courtesy of Marie Claire were from Ikea and re-purposed to become a custom looking shelving system.  You can even use shelving like this to create a computer desk.

Now if you have a desktop computer just take note of how deep it is and be mindful of that. You still need to leave yourself room for your mouse and keyboard, amongst other things.  If you're similar to me you can accomplish all these projects on your own, but remember to get a leveler!  Nothing is worse than putting holes in your wall that you have to spackle because your shelving came out crooked.  Same goes for your closets.
 Closets are often overlooked when it comes to smart storage.  We have a tendency to shove everything in drawers, while only our fanciest of fancy clothing goes in the closet.  A system like this is smart because it provides additional storage, a place to put dirty clothes, eliminating the need for a hamper and much more.  If this is out of your budget, look into wire closet systems.  Many places such as target offer them in a variety of sizes.  You can even keep your entire closet floor free for your shoes.  I know I said avoid placing things on the floor, but how can you?  It's impossible right?
 Wrong!  This bed by Presotto Italia is under bed storage done right.  Store items under the bed that you know you don't need as often. 
Presotto Italia bed just out of your reach?  Avoid the plastic boxes and invest in some storage a little more stylish, such as this storage box from Crate & Barrel.

To the readers with the same situation as Erin don't be afraid of designing to what you like, don't be afraid to exit that comfort zone either.  How are you going to know what you like unless you try?  Hate putting things on the wall in a small space then minimize what's in the room.  No bulky furniture, no extra large computer desks or filing cabinets, the simpler with a twist the better I say.  Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!


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