Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wallpaper....what not to be afraid of

Your moms wallpaper, remember what it used to look like?  Did it look anything like this?  A dingy and dull pattern that once was in every home across America.  A pattern that could not escape any home or hippies dress as a matter of fact.
  Wallpaper has taken such a backseat to paint because it's a much more budget friendly option, requires less work and doesn't require matching up.  Well I say it's well worth it (as much as I love paint) I say not every room in your home has to be painted, switch it up, show more life than some paint, show wallpaper some love!

 Remember these ladies above?  Did you ever notice their wallpaper?  Well here it is.  Very Miami-ish, very leafy and big and bold and in your face.  Wallpaper doesn't have to be gaudy, just check out the updated version below. 
Subtle and textured, wallpaper that would appease the masses. 
Lets take a trip to the opposite end of the spectrum.  We have all heard the old adage for new brides walking down the aisle, you must have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. 
Brides, let them know it's in your home, and not on you.  This wallpaper by Umbra is a twisted version of that exact adage.  Something new: wallpaper, something old & borrowed: the scroll pattern, something blue: the color.  Your new marriage will have all the blessings in the world with this always at your side. 

Reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting (above to the left) is this gold & white wallpaper by Mable&Violet.

Not bold enough to plaster paper over your entire wall then try a wall decal a.k.a. "tattoo".
 A wall decal such as this one by Surface Collective is a good way to spruce up any room.  From an endless amount of options you have the possibility to change every room in your home to fit your mood, your style or just because you want a change.  Remember nothing is permanent in the world of design.  If you mess up switch it up, some of the greatest mistakes make for the greatest designs.  

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