Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer, I bid you adieu

As much as I do not want to I have to, for you see fall has come upon us and it's not going to go away.  No more flip-flop wearing, sitting on the porch chilling, beach running, baseball watching fun in the sun.  Time to watch the sunset earlier as the coolness of fall slowly creeps in.  And so it is with much sorrow that summer, I bid you, adieu.

Do not get me wrong fall, there is nothing wrong with you, it's me.  It's all me, it's a problem with my feet you see.  They hate to be covered up except for the occasional sexy heel to wear out.  They like the warmth of the air and they like to breathe, they like the freedom of the sand in my toes.  I accept an over sized Victorian chair to sit and cross my legs in and have my soup and read Langston Hughes or the latest Dexter novel, I truly do.  I accept it, I welcome it.  How could I not when the chair looks like this?

Fall, tell me something only you would know.  Does this mean I have to say goodbye to walking the puppy?  Do I need to prepare to put on boots for the rain?  Look at him fall, how could you do this to him?  "How?" I ask of you, tell me.

What am I to do with all my empty Corona bottles?  Well not my bottles, if anything what am I to do with my wine bottles?

I told her not to make that face!

I guess here's a summer-sy solution that I can use inside of the house, or out on the porch.  I prefer the porch.  Alas fall, you are not mine enemy.  You provide me with great indoor seating that I love, indoor seating that I cherish.  If I could sit and cross my legs in a chair all day long I would, I really would. 

Since you like to shorten my summer, I guess I could take the time off and sit down in this Heron Lounge Chair by Charles Wilson or this Bo Concept Rocking arm chair.  Ironic isn't it?

Summer as I leave you and welcome fall with open arms, I embrace it and  will try my best to think of the fond memories that we have had this year.  I look forward to next year and creating new memories with my fall friend. 


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