Friday, October 1, 2010

Cry-Bots are scary enough

     Three quarters of a year, two hundred seventy days and sometimes more!  I'm talking about BABIES!  Women carry them for that long and it's astonishing to me.  A little person inside of you, playing tug of war on your insides, just walking around, lounging and sleeping as you carry them for nine LONG months. 
     Once out this little poop factory is even more demanding.  Needing around the clock care and an endless amount of attention throughout the middle of the night you must be prepared.  This sleep depraved, child-rearing experiment could go awry if you let it, well DON'T!  So today, for Rosita, we are talking about nurseries; what to do, what not to do, and even throw in some who cares about that in there.

The who cares part of this is actually the design....I know shocker, right?!??  That's okay we will get back to that later, for now we are working with the bare bones of your project.  The BIG THREE.  If you want feel free to share the BIG THREE with your family and friends.  Well actually not if you want, you can't keep this information to yourself.

The Cinderella Carriage
 As lavish or bare bones as you want the crib to be it needs to be functional.  Imagine a crib for your Princess, because lets face it the minute that little person comes you will see them as nothing else.

With more bells and whistles than some of the cars you see this Intellicot crib is the bell of the ball.  It comes equipped with an auto lift system, air conditioning, nightlight and even has a rocking feature to rock your little person back to sleep. Talk about function, right?  Whatever crib you invest in make sure you do the bending test!  Get close to the crib to pick up your baby, you have to make sure you are the appropriate height, right?
My friend with two kids told me a baby changing table is a waste of money....Then I showed her this one.  She thought I was talking about the one that you put up on the wall.  She replied,"Ooooohh, I like that one."  Why?  It's multi-functional.  A place to sit your little person, change their insurmountable amount of doody filled diapers and what do you know?  All of the items you need to do this; ointments, diapers, baby wipes; have all been strategically placed for your easy reach.

 I can't stress enough how much sleep you will be loosing once, well you know.  Make it easy on yourself.  Can't splurge on the intellicot crib above, well rock your little person in a glider chair with an ottoman.  You might fall asleep yourself.  Now on to my favorite part, the DESIGN (sung in a melodic high-soprano tune)!!
This room is what I consider awful!!  I hate, hate, hate with a passion rooms where the parents feel it a necessity that because they welcome a new son or daughter they have to use that color that everyone always goes to; hideous pink and blue.  This room above looks like a someone blew an enormous bubble gum bubble and it burst all over this room.  Bleeeccch!  Think out of the box, be different, don't be normal.  Normals sounds like a snooze fest to me, personally.

Neutral....why can't it be considered for a baby room?  This room above is chic and pristine, it's not your typical little person room.  It has all the elements that are great for your child to grow up in and they can still love it.  Hmmm, something to consider.  No matter what design style you have there is a chic, functional baby room in all of us.  It just wants to get out, remember no timidness here.  Congratulations on your little person Rosie!  I can't wait to welcome her into the new exciting world with you!  Have a good Friday everyone!


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