Sunday, October 17, 2010

As fine as wine, as sophisticated as fashion

As ethereal as the goddess; Aphrodite, if food, wine and fashion could somehow amalgamate I would spend all of my days locked in a villa by the ocean ordering room service.  Why talk about food, wine and fashion?  They, along with the beach are three of my favorite things in the world.  Today I am focusing on fashion, merely fashion and fashionable rooms.  Homes that speak fashion, homes that might have started from something as simple as a single piece of fabric and transformed into something as creative as Haute Couture.
Ready to wear dress by Reem Acra
If Reem Acra herself would appear at my door and say this dress is my personal gift I bestow upon you I would not mind, not one bit...the same goes for this desert home in Santa Fe.  Bold, but tranquil at the same time, the two co-exist fashionably.  Set a lucite runway across this water feature and you can have your very own show....I'm just saying, you have options here.
Home in Santa Fe
Here is something that no one can say is not green, literally.  A Project Runway contestants entrance at Fashion Week in NYC.   An idea, a light bulb, something goes off in someones head and as the wheel turns, it increases its speed, faster and faster until you near the completion of your project and you end up with a room worth mentioning, a room worth mentioning over, and over, and over again. 

JASON WU& MARBLE!  I don't know how much I really need to say, I really don't.  Marble is always classic and elegant, Jason Wu, well, phenomenal.  A great designer, and natures great design.

Forward thinking has always made for the greatest innovations.  Creativity does not need to be combined with anything to become inspirational.  It all starts from somewhere and ends up creatively yours.  Have a beautifully creative week everyone!


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