Friday, April 15, 2011

Great finds, unlikely Homes

I shook my head in agony and I tossed and turned and turned and tossed in bed and I couldn't wrap my brain around it.  A new blog, what to write, what to write?  Arrgghhh, frustrating, I thought maybe if I looked at other blogs it would help, it would get the creative juices flowing, right?  Wrong!!!  Nothing came to me, maybe in a dream it would, maybe it would, right?  No, still nothing, so how did I come up with this idea?

I was driving one day and decided to stop in a thrift store and I happened to come across this.

I thought great, very reminiscent of a Savonarola stool, with gilded leafing and leather backing and bottom.  My lord, after fourish months I have a topic.  Great finds, unlikely Homes!  These pieces could use a nice home to go to, one where they will be surrounded by other beautiful items just like them. 
From traditional and classic to modern and chic this ivory cut out settee would fit perfectly in any modern, or transitional loving persons home.  And, drum roll please.......I found it at yet another thrift store!  Much like the small Savonarola imitation this settee just needs to be loved and amongst other loved belongings. 

A little more soft and a little m ore comfy, this stream-lined arm chair is a classic timeless piece.  Kept simple and with light colors this chair would look good with just about any kind of design.  And the price is a steal, shhhh, don't tell anyone I said that word! 

Finally, I couldn't leave out something fun and flirty.  Something any girly girl will love to have.  A lamp that could make a room, a room that can be designed around a lamp, something simple and ah-dorable!  The fringe trim on this lamp is gorg., no? 

Forgotten places is where forgotten pieces have gone to live and who knows for how long? I say forget going somewhere new and see what your local thrift store, salvation army or consignment store has to offer.  They've got great finds at great deals, the fringe lamp only $11, the stream-lined chair, only $69!  Great deals, great finds, need homes.  And you know the weekend is here and you have all the time to bargain shop!  

Enjoy your weekend everyone & don't forget those thrift shops

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