Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yes, it is upon us

The holiday season and the holiday craze.  Having parking spot standoffs in the lot of the mall, fighting crazy mad lines just to get that last perfect present.  As crazy as this season is it is by far one of my favorite times of the year.  Celebrating togetherness no matter where you are or what belief you are.  And I ABSOLUTELY love it!  Today I thought I would share something quick and small, not really focused on design, but something that has brought the people in my little-(ish) town together every year during this season.  And that would be, Deacon Dave's.

Every year Deacon Dave puts up this spectacular feast of lights and starts showing them in November.  If you are a local or know someone who is then you know where this house is every year and being the wonderful Deacon that Dave is, he is courteous enough to let anybody walk through his front yard and peer in his windows.
Waiting in line, almost there

The typical wait is about forty to forty-five minutes.  This has gotten so large over the years that police occasionally patrol and their are line-enforcers.

The trees on the outside entrance

And finally we made it inside!  Tell these little girls to get out of my snapshot!  I am trying to look at Santas Workshop, ugghhh.  I'm just playing (all the kids that come are oohing and ahhhing at this and it is amazing)  I mean I am an adult and I still ooh and ahhh at this every time I go.

Once you walk past Santas workshops you come across his window displays at the front of the home.  Here is a small town with the reflection of all the lights bouncing off of the window.

Window display of the nativity scene

As you pass the window displays you come across a bridge and to the left there are rotating ice skaters, and to your right is a waterfall display (the picture did not come out due to the lights directly in front of it).

And finally this is the scene when you leave the house.  Every year he has a light count and every year the Deacon puts up more lights than the previous year.  I think that he has a small army of people helping him because he only starts this every October!  I'm not sure and perhaps I will never know, but even if you don't celebrate Christmas this will definitely be something that your entire family can enjoy as I do.  Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!


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